Project background

The aim of the Evidensia site is to provide easy access to credible research on the sustainability impacts of supply chain initiatives and tools, including standards and certification.

My responsibilities

My initial responsibility on this project was the online library component of the system, which stores the research resources which form the core of the site. This makes use of Elasticsearch to provide advanced “faceted” search capabilities, hence enabling end users of the system to browse and search for research items relating to their specific area of interest by geographic region, topic (using a wide variety of dynamic categorisations), format and time period as well as providing a free text search, all of which can be layered as required to adjust the result set.

Later in the project, I was also involved in the creation of a WordPress front-end to the custom backend components of the system, hence enabling members of the ISEAL team to edit the resource data that powers the online library as well as underlying data that’s used to provide the dynamic visualisations.

From a technical perspective, mixing WordPress with a Laravel based backend may seem a somewhat odd approach, but it leverages some of the benefits of WordPress such as people’s familiarity with the admin system as well as more technical aspects such as versioning, author/publisher rights, etc. A more detailed write-up is available on the Createful site.

Key skills

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Elasticsearch
  • WordPress