I’ve been developing native iOS apps for a little over six years, interspersed with my backend web development work. In addition to creating my own apps, I’ve also worked on a number of commercial apps - both as the sole developer and as a member of a larger development team.

Examples of the sort of work I’ve carried out include…

  • iPhone app to enable real-time parking space booking with support for multiple users/vehicles. I was the initial lead iOS developer on a team of contractors, in- house staff and off-shore developers. (At its peak there were nine full time iOS devs, although this varied across the lifespan of the project.) In addition to being the lead developer and system architect during the initial phases of the project, I liaised with the server API developers on a daily basis and was responsible for code reviewing the work of the other iOS devs.
  • A universal app (targeting both iPads and iPhones) to enable a mobile sales force to browse and view details of the manufacturer's full range of hardware and software solutions whilst offline.
  • Prototype apps for LV= to enable users to access their Income Protection and Retirement Scheme payment information.
  • An iPad app that worked in conjunction with the MindWave Mobile headset, Arduino server software and a custom electronics build to enable you to pour beer by concentrating. The “Head to Head” project as it was known won a BIMA blue sky award in 2014.
  • A universal app for transforming images and video clips into pixel art.

Whilst the majority of my experience is with Objective-C, I’ve been focusing on Swift for the last few years, and more recently have been investigating the possibilities of SwiftUI over AppKit and UIKit.

From concept to deployment

I also have experience of the full app lifecycle from the initial definition and due diligence stages through definition and development to App Store deployment and subsequent marketing. As such, if you’ve an idea for the next killer app I can help you take it from concept to reality.


iOS app development