Project background

The purpose of WWF’s Enabling Environmental Assessment Tool (or EEAT as it was known) site is twofold - to provide a data capture system for teams operating in the field and to provide “head office” staff with the ability to carry out comparisons and create visualisations to provide both an “at a glance” analysis of the sustainability data for a given project/time period and changes in the data over time to show improvements or regressions. Additionally, it also provides the capability to aggregate and compare different groups of data to show, for example, how different regions compare.

My responsibilities

I was heavily involved in the initial client discussions and the specification and estimation of this project in addition to the documentation of the development approach from a technical perspective.

Whilst I was working on another project during much of the initial development of EEAT, I also created the data transform layer, which processed the raw data from the data capture spreadsheets into the three key visualisations - Enabling Environment, Value Chain Segment and Good Governance. The data transformation layer also provided the capability to collate and average data sets, hence providing the data for the visualisations.

Sadly, as EEAT is an internal-only WWF tool it isn’t publicly available. However, there’s a great project write up showing the system in use over on the Createful website.

Key skills

  • Estimation
  • Specification
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Data processing & manipulation