I’ve over 20 years of experience with backend development on LEMP/LAMP stacks, both using custom purpose built frameworks and more modern off the shelf approaches.

In terms of modern frameworks, the main platforms I’ve used are…

  • Laravel - general development, custom Artisan data import and processing commands and a data processing and visualisation CMS that made use of Backpack.
  • WordPress - usually deep dives to link WordPress to other systems such as Elasticsearch, but I also have experience of ACF and the use of OO-style development approaches such as Lumberjack.
  • Craft CMS - a few simple sites (such as this one) based around a customised off the shelf Bootstrap theme as a means of exploring Craft CMS.

Additionally, I've experience of using systems such as Elasticsearch to build facetted search systems, both via Laravel and WordPress.


In terms of working alongside other developers, I generally follow the GitFlow workflow and have used both BitBucket and GitHub software repositories. For local development, I tend to use Laravel Homestead, as in addition to providing Laravel specific configuration, it’s also a convenient Vagrant VM set up for the majority of PHP based systems.

Server configuration and management

Over the years, I've used an almost distressing variety of Linux/Unix flavours, ranging from AIX through to Ubuntu. I also have hands-on experience of multiple AWS stack components, including EC2, S3, CloudFront and Route 53.


PHP web development